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I am here because I love to give presentations.

Collaborative Partners

Recently Wall Painting Projects


Kevo is a Myanmar Mural and Tattoo Artist who was born in 1992. Ever since his childhood, he was obsessed with art and start drawing since he was a kid. He didn’t have any  chance to attend art classes, so he self-taught himself and drew every day. When he was in Highschool as a teenage boy, he started being passionate about graffiti art. As soon as he finished Highschool, he started studying and drawing graffiti artworks. He started out by sketching on paper with pencils and pilot markers. Afterwards, he moved on to painting walls, which was a difficulty since being a graffiti artist is illegal in Myanmar. Even while he was studying IT at Computer Science, he didn’t stop with his passion of being a graffiti artist. After University, he realized that he has no interest in IT career and started living as a Professional Artist. In 2012, he started drawing arts on body as a tattoo artist. Now, Kevo has done arts exhibitions, projects and created many types of artworks on walls and on canvas.


AYA Pay Project at Novotel

This project was designed in collaboration with AYA Pay along with level up marketing at the AYA Digital Lounge located on the Novotel Hotel first floor. I drew my own characters based on the main colors of AYA pay, and the background was also drawn with AYA coin styles and golden circuit boards.


Wave Money Headoffice project

This project was  designed in collaboration with Wavemoney drew in wavemoney headoffice


Steak one the street

This project was designed for “Steak on the Street.” On the main wall, a picture of SCK @ Skull candy krew, a graffiti writer team I formed in 2009, is painted with new members Hoky and FlecK. Two female characters were drawn on the two side walls.


Big Bag A Road To Starry Night (2018)

This concert was organized by FG Entertainment and held in MCC. I was one of the mural artist who painted the mural art in there.


Style Secret Season 4th Grand Final Stage (2018)

This TV program was broadcasted by MRTV-4 and held at Junction Square. I was one of the mural artist who painted the mural art in there.

Kevo The Comic Ink


Collaboration With Associations

Samsung Galaxy J Product Launch (2018)

Galaxy J6 was launched in April 2018 at The One Entertainment Park. I’m one of the product ambassador and painted the mural art as an exclusive.

No-2 Art Area (2017 to 2020)

No.2 Art Area provides a space that encourages the spirit of creativity among the young. This creative playground is located at No.2 Pyi Htaung Su street in Bahan township and is known for its spray-painted walls, colorful galleries and a very hip café. As one of the only places to openly provide a space for graffiti art, No.2 is immensely popular among the young crowd. I was the senior artist who gave guidelines and trainings for the fresher.

Back Alley Less Plastics Project (2019)

Plastic is a huge problem in Myanmar. Locally, people have been using it for decades without proper waste management. Plastic and other non-degradable products have been piling up in waterways and everywhere, not only in urban areas but also in rural areas. This project was organized by unknown association, and I’m collaborated as one of the mural artist.

Moonton’s Mobile Legends Bang Bang Myanmar 515 E- Party (2020)

The 515 e-Party was featuring in-game events, as well as community events on social media for everyone to join. I was a guest artist and painted the mural art on wall for this event as an exclusive. Please kindly follow the link for my interview

Collaboration With Hotels

People don’t normally choose where to stay by the art that hangs on the walls but the art certainly helps to make their stay memorable. There are a variety of reasons for hotels to display paintings and these reasons are also applicable to homeowners as well.

Artwork at Office Room

Displaying art in the workplace can elevate employee performance, mood, and physical well-being, as well as bolster interpersonal bonds between employees and clients.

Artwork at Food Center

Artwork at Bar

Tattoo Artworks

My Tattoo Studio (Kevo The Comic Ink) is located at South Okkalapa township. You can discuss with me that what you would like to ink on your skin before making decision to get tattooing.

Digital Artworks

In a digital age, I’m also drawing digital art to contribute my passion.

Acrylic paint art on Canvas

Acrylic paint art on canvas is my favorite things and most of my free times are spent on this.








Why you should choose me?

I have 12 years experienced

I am a Professional Artist

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